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BEF is close to being Full



I am so excited!!! After getting paid yesterday we are only $77 short on a Full BEF. I am expecting a check anytime now that will be $70 so all I need is to find the $7 and we are good. Thinking I can find that in just change laying around. Then its on to Snowballing the Debt in BS2.


DH did it again. I got home yesterday and there was a snowmobile registration laying on the counter. UGH!! I about screamed. I asked why he got it and he replied there was a Snowmobile Fun Run Saturday that he wants to go on and still needed to get the registration for this year. We they had to have a nice talk about there not being money in his account for it till Tuesday when he gets paid. He proceeded to tell me where there is $200 in my Checking. I then had to explain that the money in there was already named. It is for a bill that I will pay next week. UGH!! So now we need to sit down and rename somethings and try to find $80 to cover the registration. I know he is still learning but this is so frustrated. Just wish he would get it.


Well think I have complained enough!


So excited for BS2!

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The DW and I took Financial Peace University (13 week) course together. I absolutely recommend it to all couples to take together, just to get on the same page. When both husband and wife have a common goal, then it makes things a lot easier. I listened to Dave Ramsey for years and thought that I knew most of what he would teach in the FPU course, but I was wrong. FPU goes into such great detail, and has work exercises to pull everything together. If you haven't taken FPU, I would highly recommend it. It's worth every penny of the extremely reasonable price tag.

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Congrat's on almost being full! A great feeling :)

Hugs on the dh thing--I live with a reluctant spouse in the savings dept too, so I get it.

Good luck renaming things!

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Getting on the same page is so critical to this process, but like you said, he is still learning. Definitely sit down together to figure out where the $80 is coming from - it would be good if it came from something that would cause him to "give up" something - for example, if it meant he had less "blow money" or there was less in groceries so he had to forego his favorite snack, coffee, cereal, whatever... that way he can see that while he can still do some of the things he wants to do, he has to plan better for it or give up something else. 


Good luck finding the last for your BEF!

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We did take FPU about 2 years ago. I really don't think it sunk in, I have looked and there is not one close starting that we can retake. Well at least not one that is starting soon. I will keep checking every week and maybe one will pop up close.

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I am not trying to be mean but....does your husband really think that any and all money sitting in the checking account is "free money" and available to spend on anything?  Does he really not realize that it might be earmarked already?  I just think a little bit of this might be some learned helplessness.  I mean, going on his theory I can go on a wild spending spree this weekend since my DH just got paid.  The fact that the mortgage needs to be paid next month is irrelevant if there is money in the bank right now, right? I wouldn't get away with that for a second, so don't let him off the hook too easily.  That's a bit of excuse making.  Adults know that bills have to be paid with money in checking accounts, and adults do the math before they spend $200 on a snowmobile registration.

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Yay on the BEF! :) Boo to hubby for not thinking his purchase through (or having the courtesy to check with you to see if the money was there if he is not involved in paying the bills). :(


Hopefully, he will get it soon and at least start checking in before deviating from the budget plan.

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Miranova, Actually he is still alittle helpless when it comes to bills. I hate to say but almost all of his life someone else took care of them for him. He was young when he first married, she paid the bills and he NEVER saw the check book. He even had to ask for money. She would never tell him where they were on bills till something was going to be shut off or what not. Then he gets divorced. He finally got to control his own money and spend how he wanted. Not good he went crazy spending how he wanted to when he wanted to. Bills were always second on the list. He would get stuff shut off and then would have to ask for help from his Mother or Sister to get it back on. He also would always overdraft, hench the overdraft protection he has that we are paying back. His mother then took over the bills for awhile and he would just spend as he wanted, again not good. So we start dating and after awhile I move in knowing he isn't great with money. I pay the household bills and keep everything on. But his bills like truck payments, creditcard, and phone he takes care of. His method of paying the bills was when they call and let him know he is late he makes the payment. So then we get engaged and with that I tell him that his method does not work and its costing him (Us) money so he lets me pay all the bills. I find DR and talk to him about this, he agrees to go to a class. Well since then we have budgetted off and on. Yes it has not been great and we have fallen off the wagon many times in the 2 years. So now the past few month I (we) are gung ho and want this debt gone. He tells me he is but I am not so sure as he is.


Well all that to say, Yes he really is that bad that if he sees a $200 he thinks there is $200 in his account. After our talk I think he understands a ltitle more and does know that something will have to give.


The Registration is only $80 not $200 but I know what you meant by your comment.


He had never ran a check register till I started to pay his bills and demanded we do one. He thinking was he could keep track in his head. Heck when I first went through and figured out where he was with a balance we found that $30 in fees were being taken out every month fromt he bank that he never knew about.


Gazelle, he is involved and that is what I don't understand. We sat down and discussed where all the money went. I guess he is still learning and not well.

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It took my dh awhile to realize that just because the bank said we had $x, didn't mean that it was available.  I agree - have him look over the budget with you to "find" the money.  It helps to see that it has to come from somewhere. 


And MUCHO congrats on being so close to having the BEF done!!!  Wooooo!!!

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