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Our Journey through BS2 and Beyond

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Introductions Again - Third Time's the Charm?

Well, I'm back again. It's been about 3 years since I last visited here, but about 6 years since my last blog post apparently. What have we been doing since then?   A Recap since 2015 (please see also other two intros for more info about us):   Still married, celebrated 10 years of marriage Sept 2020 No kids yet but working on it currently Just a cat as well, no other pets yet. We are in a rental house right now, will start saving for a house next ye


AliciaKnits in intro

Introductions - Redux

I'm back! After a blogging hiatus (really, I didn't even do more than an intro last time in 2013...) and with the official closing of the TMMO Forums, I am back full-time to reading and posting on this forum. I never really left, still kept up with everyone, but didn't post much. Hoping that will change now that my attention is not divided.   A Recap since 2013 (please see my 2013 intro post for more basic info):   DH and I married almost 5 years ago, September 11th, 2010. We will be celebra




I've decided, after a few years here and on the old forums, that I'd like to start a blog to document my family's journey through the DR program, and our life in general. We have lots of goals, dreams, etc. that we want to accomplish, and a blog through here is the best way to do it for right now. Eventually, I'll probably start a craft/cooking blog as well, but I'll let you know when that happens   Our Story   My name is Alicia and my DH's name is Byron. As my username suggests, I love to



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